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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smarty Ears continued :)

Smarty Ears has some wonderful apps for speech and language. Their apps are simple and easy to use for home, school, and therapy. They offer a wide range of apps for your speech needs. Most of their apps are to be used with an adult and child/children but some do offer the opportunity to learn alone. I love using their apps in my home and my children enjoy learning and growing from them.

Is that Silly?: This is one of my children's favorite apps from Smarty Ears. This app offers fun and learning all at the same time. The app teaches children observation, pragmatics, and expressive language skills. This app progressive by itself so no turning the page when it moves onto a new page. There is arrows provided to go onto the next one or go back if needed though. The app scores at the bottom of the page for you. There is some activities that you will have to grade though such as the questions that help with expressive language. You will be able to choose between yes, no, and sort of got it. Your child could work on this app by themselves but the expressive part would not be graded by them hitting the arrow for next question. There is settings for prompt for expressive language, display written/audio cue about picture, display percentage on screen, and "Well Done" audio. You are able to email results if needed at the end. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Custom Boards- Premium: This app helps parents, therapist, and teachers build their own custom boards. The app offers over 11,000 symbols and has the ability add your own as well. You can select from different templates in six areas: devices and switches, grids and boards, schedules, activities, signs, and labels and worksheets. There is over 100+ templates in all. You are able to print, save, or e-mail all your final templates. You can also save your templates to your computer in pdf. format through iTunes. This app offers a lot of different options for your needs. This app has been a wonderful addition in my home as I wanted an easy way of making my own boards. I have used this app for different activities and schedules. I highly highly highly recommend this app if you are needing an easy to use board making app :)

House of Learning: This app offers a simple way of learning prepositions such as "put the girl on the bed". You can use this app many ways and is wonderful for teachers and parents to work with children on building these skills. This app is wonderful for therapist as they can work with a child without having to have a bunch of objects out just one simple easy to use app. First you pick your people that can be placed in the house. Then you choose a room in the home. You then can place various objects and people anywhere in the room. Your children can use this app as fun alone but it is highly recommended to use this app as a learning tool. To use as a learning tool: You can tell your child where to place different items in the room using 1 or more directions. This helps your children start to learn 1 step or more step directions. You can also use this app as a "silly house builder" by placing items in silly places before giving it to your child and having them find them. This options helps build verbal skills as well as learning "what is silly" :). You can also have your child build a story around the scenes to build on story telling which is difficult for some children. This is a highly highly recommended app.

Prepositions Remix: This app is about fun and learning prepositions. The pictures in this app are realistic and the voice is easy to understand. Your child will have to follow the directions at the bottom of the page. This app also reads all phrases aloud for your child. This app can be used alone or with an adult. This app is perfect for home learning as it is very easy to use. The app will grade for you and there is many options. Some of the options are the type of prepositions you want your child to work on, written cues on/off, random on/off, repeat questions on/off, and when wrong (keep going, no response, or buzz). The options of repeating questions makes this a wonderful app for therapist and teachers trying to see what the child is understanding on the first try. Yes I've been through many evaluations with my children and know that for most testing the person giving the test must take the first answer so I've learned this is very important :). I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Match2Say: This app is very enjoyable to my children. This app helps with producing sounds while playing a fun match game. Each deck of cards offers a new sound and the sounds are organized by initial/medial/final. There is several different levels of difficulty included so you can choose what works best for each child. There is over 1500 images in this app that are very realistic. The voices used are clear and easily understood by children. There is options for the difficulty, the sound, where the sound comes, and word/ phrase. Each of these levels provided can be best set to the child being worked with. You can choose how you use this app to it's best ability. It is ran as a matching game but to use it to it's fullest ability you will have to work with your child and use the microphone in the corner to have your child say the words/ phrases. This is a very important part of this app. There is a "video" tutorial to help you learn the best ways to use this app. My children love to use it while working on speech as well as occasionally using it as a matching game as well :) Highly highly recommended.


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