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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainbow Sentences

Rainbow Sentences by Mobile Education Tools is a beautifully made app. This app helps children learn to create grammatical sentences using color cues. Your child will learn parts of sentences and will also help build on receptive and expressive language skills along the way. This app helps teach nouns, verbs, and prepositions. Your child will also be able to record their sentences when finished to build on the language skills. There is 168 images to create sentences and words are spoken as they are being dragged so even non readers can use this app. There is 6 levels of sentence complexity and a puzzle bonus to keep readers wanting more. The pictures will come to life after a puzzle is completed witch provides visual stimuli to the app. The app also has very vivid pictures that are beautifully done. During the app all the words are presented at the bottom of the page and then your child must place them where they go in the sentence. There is lines provided at the top as a cue where the words should go. I have used this app with my daughter who is in first grade right now. She is in the early reading stage and is just starting to work on some of these skills in school. I start and finish the sentence for her but make her fill in the blanks so she can start seeing what words make the sentence sound correct. This has been a wonderful teaching exercise for her. She really enjoys the puzzles when she finishes an exercise and it keeps her wanting to do more. There is many options with this app for younger and older users. I like to use this app with her on the harder levels but also allow her to use the app by herself on some of the easier levels for her to learn by herself.  Be sure to check out the other wonderfully done apps from Mobile Ed as well. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Pros: really well made app
         wonderful pictures
         multi skill teaching (English language skills, speech, reading)
Cons: none found :)


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