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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tell Me About It!

Tell Me About It! by Different Roads to Learning, Inc. is a wonderful language app. This app has over 235 language targets and 6 levels of difficulty. For each item they child gets right there is an award for. There is a little show when your child completes a level which my children really seem to like. This app will gather data of up to ten children at a time which you then can email the results of as needed. There is many categories included in this app such as clothing, animals, toys, and more. There is 6 total levels being: Level 1- labels, Level 2- categories, Level 3- function, Level 4- Feature, Level 5- Randomized feature, function, category, Level 6- Shared feature, function, and category. This app covers more then I've seen in most app types for this type of category. The pictures are clear with little distraction and with a very positive response to correct answers. There is even a teachers area to set many different settings for each student. Within the teachers area there is also a reinforcement schedule for you to set up what is best for each of the children for rewards. This app is amazing for the price. It works very well for home and school and covers many age levels. I use this with all three of my kids and have been able to customize it to each of their skill levels. The exact settings you can run are display labels on/off, reinforcement schedule (how many tokens 3,5,10), level select, and token character. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Pros: many categories
         a lot of levels
         token reinforcement
         a lot of language targets
         clear pictures with little distraction
         clear voice
Cons: could use some more settings for language targets such as choosing which to work on
          could allow you to choose more rewards and how incorrect answers come up


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