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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Word Retrieval

Word Retrieval by Virtual Speech Center Inc. is a wonderful app for children and adults that have difficulties with word retrieval. There is 7 different category types in this app: name this picture, sentence completion, opposite meanings, convergent naming, divergent naming, associations, and definitions. There is two different activities for the different categories: flashcards and word- challenge game. The flashcards are simply that. A picture is showing and a question is asked for the user to answer. The word challenge game is set up similar to Jeopardy with the many different categories and point amounts. There is many different settings in this app for you to choose for the user. You can decide which of the categories you want the user to work on and which sets of cards you want the user to use. You can select as many as you want or select them all. So far I have been using this app on my 7yr old since he has the most difficulty with these types of activities. He is doing fairly well with the app and he really seems to enjoy the game part of it. I love that there is very little distraction in the app. The scoring system is very easy to use and the results are shown at the end for you to email or keep track of for later. I would defiantly highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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