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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning by Virtual Speech Center Inc. is an app that works on reasoning and critical thinking skills for ages 12 and up. There is over 1000 stimuli included in this app. There is many different activities included in the app such as: answering why questions, pros and cons, what will happen next, and many many more. There is a puzzle game also included in the app that promotes thinking skills. Like their other apps you get to choose what things you want the user to work on. You can select as many as you want or select all of them. There is four categories with choices and sixteen categories without choices included. Although this app is meant for older children/adults I find this app useful for younger users as well. If you use with younger users you may have to monitor closely to see if they are able to figure out the question given but with a lot of them younger users would still be able to figure it out especially working in a group and working together. The pictures in this app are geared more toward ages 12 and up but are not inappropriate for younger users either. I have my children sit together in a circle and talk together trying to come up with the best answer. If none of them are able to get it I will give hints or explain the answer to them. I love the real pictures used in the app and the voice is very clear. Everything is read aloud to the user so no reading is needed by the user. You can record the user by using the record/play button on the side as well and the score is automatically counted for you as well. When finished a report for that session is provided with the clients name and their score. You can then email the report as needed as well. The reports are stored by goal, date, and user for you on your main screen too. On the main settings page you can choose for: user alternate count, audio, auto paging, random paging, show instructions, enable reward, and award counter as well. With the reward settings enabled the puzzle game will come up after the set amount of correct answers are done. You can choose to do the puzzle game then or keep going. You are able to shut this off in the settings if you do not want the puzzle game to come up at all. I love the rewards Virtual Speech Center Inc. apps have as they keep the user motivated to continue on to that next game :) I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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