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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Phonological Processes

Phonological Processes by Virtual Speech Center Inc. is a wonderful app for ages 4 and up who have phonological disorders or delays. This app has four main areas: auditory bombardment with minimal pairs, auditory discrimination with minimal pairs, minimal pair productions, and single word production. Each of these areas include their own set of areas addressed in this app. The settings are great for turning on and off instructions, paging and audio as needed. I like to keep the instructions off so they can't look at the words on the screen instead of hearing them to see which is which lol. This app has two different ways of learning. One is flashcards where a flashcard is shown with one or two pictures to either say or choose from. The other is a fun African animal themed board game that my children love. They sat and played the board game for almost an hour when I tried it with them. They loved landing on the animals to see what they would do :). This app brings fun and learning together very nicely. This is a wonderful app for this age range as most are just learning board games and this one is cute, fun, and educational. I would highly highly highly recommend this app. :)


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