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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Syntax Workout

Syntax Workout by Virtual Speech Center Inc. is a wonderful app to work on English grammar skills. This app includes 1500 stimuli. Some of the activities included are do vs. does, is vs. are, pronouns, and more. These types of activities are what my children are currently really working hard at in speech. My boys especially have a very hard time with pronouns so working on these skills continuously is very helpful to them. Almost every day they come home with sheets of homework to work on certain skills and with this app I can add to those skills easily by selecting what they are working on. This app includes a bowling game after a certain amount of correct answers. You can opt to have the bowling game on/off and how many correct answers before being able to play. There is a recording option also that you can have your child record themselves saying the answers and then listen back. This app is one I really like to have the instructions on so they can see the sentence above and then make their choice. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

* currently there is a small glitch with this app where you can not select all. This will hopefully be fixed very soon :)


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