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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Tensebuilder by Mobile Education Store is a wonderful app for teaching and identifying correct tense forms in video format. There is 36 video lessons included and more will be added soon. Your child will also be able to work on expressive speech by having to record their sentences to improve expressive and receptive speech skills. The video's I have seen are cute and engaging to children. My children have enjoyed this app quite a bit already and find it fun to try to come up with what will happen next. There is two levels of play included in the app and you can choose your tense (future, present, past, or all) and your verbs (regular, irregular, or all) for your child. There is also two lesson styles included long and short. The app also keeps track of your performance that can be emailed as needed also. If you record a sentence you can save it and play it back latter under the archive. There is also the nice feature of the hide buttons so when you are working with your child and you don't want them to be able to pause the picture you can press it to hide the button. The spoken part of the app is very clear and understandable. Level one is where your child can decide what the sentence is saying or what is going to happen or what has happened depending on what is asked. In level two your child must place the correct verb in the sentence out of the choices given. The verbs are read aloud as your child drags them up to the sentence but the sentence is not read aloud to your child so some reading is required. I would like to see the sentence read aloud either before the word is placed minus the missing word or after your child has placed it so they can hear why it may be wrong. This app like all the others from this developer is wonderful. I love how they are so far advanced from other apps and I love the addition of the videos. I would highly highly highly recommend this app and all others from this developer :)


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