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Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Duper Non Apps :)

Super Duper Publications offer many apps that I have reviewed previously but what some from the app community might not realize is that they sell many more different things for the special needs community. I have purchased many items from them and have shared over a few different things on my facebook page in the past. Today I'm going to talk about a few of those items :)

Webber® Interactive "WH" Questions CD-ROM
This computer game focuses on "WH" questions. I find that sometimes I like the computer better then the iPad for some things because all my kids can use it at once or they can get some individual time working with a mouse and keyboard. I found the pictures to be bright, fun, and inviting with this game. This is also wonderful for teachers as it is smart board compatible. My children use the smart board at school in each of their classrooms everyday. This one is for ages Pre-K and up. All my children have used this and are doing very well with it. :)

Webber® Pronouns CD-ROM
This is another computer game from Super Duper. This one focuses on pronouns and is for ages Pre-K to 5th grade. I love this one for my 7yr old son and have also started using it on my 5yr old as well. Both my boys have a really hard time with pronoun usage and this cd-rom is really helping them out with it. I love it because I can make it somewhat competitive by having it on the computer by who can answer it fastest and correctly lol. They really seem to take to the computer version and are working very hard with it. Here's what's included straight from Super Dupers web page:
Fun Decks include:

Webber® Basic Story Comprehension
Ok by now you can tell I'm really loving their computer version games. They really do make learning fun and enjoyable with their computer games. This one is for basic story comprehension for grade K-6th. I am using this one only with my daughter so far as my 7yr old is still learning the basics of words themselves. My daughter is needing a lot of extra help with reading and comprehending. This cd-rom is a wonderful addition to our collection to give her an extra helping hand. The computer is a special treat for my kids even over the iPad so it makes them work even harder. This app helps with: summarizing the main idea, predicting what will happen next, recalling key details, and choosing an appropriate title for a story. The cd-rom comes with 4 fun decks :

This series is called the HearBuilder Series and is awesome!. There is a professional version for schools and therapy and a home version. The home version covers most families easily. I have the home version of these. There is four different ones to build the series. The four are: Following directions,  Phonological Awareness, Auditory Memory, and Sequencing. I have been able to use this series to help my children a lot! I use these constantly and have found them to be very top notch when it comes to working on these skills.

"I Have Autism"
Must have for any family with a child with Autism or for all classrooms. This set comes with one main book with reproducible sheets that you can personalize and then also 5 additional books. It also comes with a cd-rom which allows you to reproduce the resource guide as well. These books help you talk to children about Autism including your own child with Autism. One thing I hear from parents often is: How do I tell my child about Autism?, How do I explain Autism to my child's friend?, ect. This book will help with that. Love love love this :)

Fun Decks
I have numerous Fun Decks. I'm not going to sit here talking about each one as I've already throwing a lot of info at you in one night but I can't stop recommending these. I have ones from sensory diet, fine motor, oral motor, large motor, WH, pronouns, ect. These are wonderful for home, school, on the go, ect. Some of the fine motor ones even come with a marker and wipe-off cards to work on the skills. You can build a sensory diet with the sensory diet cards or find large motor activities to get your children moving. Find cards that your child may need :)

I have many many more things from Super Duper Publications. I can't recommend them enough for apps, games, ect. Please stop by and check them out!!!!

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