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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun and Function

Fun and Function has many wonderful items to help your special needs child. I have purchased many different items from them and have loved each and everyone of them. Please remember not all products that work for my children may not work for yours. Their prices are great and the quality is even better. I have had to speak to their customer service and was wonderfully surprised at how nice and courteous they were. There facebook page is also very helpful and they try to answer any and all questions promptly. They have a program also available on their site that you can refer three friends to fun and function and you will receive a one time percentage off your order. They also have many sales throughout the year that makes all their wonderful products even more reasonable. They come out regularly with new items and the new items to come in 2013 look amazing. I am patiently waiting for them to be released. Right now I will tell you about some of the items I have purchased. I have either purchased these items or won them on my own. I will tell you exactly what I think of each item including the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

***Please remember if you have an O.T. always talk to them before using any of these products to make sure they will work for your child and are safe for your child***


First up is their faux fur weighted vest. This vest is amazing. I can not say more. The quality is wonderful and the fit is fantastic. Please do remember when purchasing these items to measure your child as they are meant to fit your child. I have two of these vest for each of my boys and they love the texture and that they zip up. They don't make them look out of place when wearing them and they look like everyday clothing wear. The zipper is well done and has not caught or snagged once yet. This vest comes with two shoulder weights as well which is another wonderful part of this vest that separates it from your typical weighted vest. All weights are easily removed when needed including the shoulder weights which just Velcro on. I really have found nothing wrong with this vest and believe the price, quality, and design are fantastic! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended :)

Next up is the PINK! weighted vest. This vest is the one I use on my daughter. It is a cheap simple design that works. I have not had any problems with this vest it's just not as fancy as the other. It comes with the fun and function logo on the front of the vest and Velcros up instead of a zipper. There is weights included but does not have shoulder weights. The cloth is simple but strong, sturdy, and lightweight. This vest works very well in the summer or for a child that over heats easily. My daughter of course loves the color. You can purchase additional weights as needed for your child. For the price of this vest you can't beat it. I have not seen a lower price weighted vest around and the quality is well above it's asking price. The stitching and Velcro seem to be holding well. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable. I would highly highly highly recommend this vest :)

The pressure mesh vest is up next. This vest is not weighted but uses pressure instead. First off I want to say my child really does seem to like the vest. He's a little unsure of the Velcro in the back but was adjusting to it ok after a while. This vest is very very lightweight and is absolutely perfect for summer time fun. Ok first time you hear the bad/ugly. The very first day of my son wearing this vest the stitching did tear right by the Velcro :(. I fixed it and hope it will not tear again. This really doesn't surprise me that this happened as it seems to happen on a lot of items made with mesh material and include Velcro. This is NOT just a problem with Fun and Function items I've had it happen with many many items made that include strong Velcro on lightweight mesh material. My only suggestion to them is maybe beef up the material where the Velcro is so the mesh doesn't tear next to it when opening the Velcro up. This item Velcro's behind your child to bring a tight hug constantly to your child while wearing the vest. Unlike weight you can leave the vest on for more then 20min at a time which means this vest is perfect for outside time or an area where your child may need constant nonstop pressure. I would even with the little mishap highly highly recommend this vest :)

Next up is original Sens-ational tees. My children have two different kinds of these shirts. They have the long sleeve and a short sleeve like shown above. My boys love these shirts. The material is silky like and stretchy. These shirts are meant to fit tightly so don't over buy the size but also don't under buy the size. I personally do think they are still a little short at the bottom even though they are said to be longer but I also think my boys have a longer trunk then they have legs lol. These shirts bring a calming pressure throughout their day and the material is great for my children's sensory needs. They come in many different sizes, designs, and even tightness. You must pick what you think your child will enjoy. They do have plain colors as well with no designs on them. The prices are great as many of them are currently on sale as I'm typing. I would highly highly highly recommend trying one of these and seeing if they would be helpful to your child :)

Next is the chewy wristband. This comes as a set of two wristbands. These wristbands are completely machine washable. Adult supervision is recommended as with anything your child maybe chewing on. These bands help your sensory child with the chewing on items especially clothing. My children are chewers and my youngest is one of the worst. By putting these on his wrists it helps curb his chewing need of other things such as his shirt. These wristbands don't make your child stand out like some other chewy items and they are not hard but like a stretchy clothing like material. My kids did not like the chewy tubes or P's and Q's as they were hard and not cloth like. They really needed something that could be washed and would be soft like their clothes. This is perfect for all those needs. It has seemed to hold up to my children. When I notice them chewing I will put these on or give them one of their bands which I will talk about next :). Highly highly highly recommended :)

Next up bite bands. These things are a major clothing saver. They are made of a terry cloth material and are very absorbent. These bands are completely washable and hold up to all the biting. My children find these to be their absolute favourite chewy. They are very long and can be worn like a necklace. I would defiantly recommend supervising your child with these as they do not just detach if caught on something or grabbed by another child. I only let my children use these at home and in my sight. I love them as they are so strong and my kids don't even think of chewing on anything else when they have these on but I do wish they would find a way to attach a quick release snap at the back just in case. These bands are extremely reasonably priced for what you get. You receive 6 bite bands of different colors and all are washable so you don't have to worry about not having one around. With my kids they each get two colors and they are washed frequently but I try to always have one ready for them as needed. I would highly highly highly recommend these bands if you have a chewer in the home :)

Last up for today is stainless steel straws. I purchased the 6inch straw for my 7yr old son. Before these straws my son would bite right threw every straw I would give him. These straws wash up very well. I do wish that they came with a cleaner but you can purchase cleaners very cheaply. These straws help with that oral motor needs of your child and help curb the need to chew on the straw. If your child chews on these straws they will not break. They can be washed in your dishwasher. I would highly highly highly recommend these straws :)

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