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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sanoen apps

Sanoen makes two different children's book apps. There stories are wonderful and also include learning right within the stories. I will be telling you about their two different stories now.

To the farm! is a wonderful story that comes in text and audio for 6 different languages! The story helps build many different skills all within the story itself. This story is wonderful for ages 0-4+. The different reading modes are: BITS mode which is for ages 0-3. This mode is auto play. It will play the story for the child and the images and text change every 1.5sec. It is used to stimulate the brain. The next level is reading words mode where your child can touch any word and it will be read aloud to them. The next is easy spelling mode for ages appx 3-4. The next is spelling mode for 4+ which is just a little harder then the mode before. The last one is sentence reading mode where your child learns with the illustrations and sequence. This app has so much to do within it. The illustrations are wonderfully done and the story and music are great. All my children love using this app with their own levels. My children liked the app so of course so did I. Some think that the story should be more animated with more moving items such as the farm animals and that. There is a lot to learn in the app and I think for this one that's the important part. The extra languages is also helpful for those learning a new language. I really like that there is 6 different ones included for this reason. I really think high school students can use apps that have multiple languages to help them build on their language skills that they might be learning in school such as Spanish, french, or any other. I would highly highly recommend this app :)

Sarah little fairy and grandma: This app is about little Sarah and her family. Her grandma Mary has Alzheimer's disease. They are going to visit her but Sarah really doesn't understand what Alzheimer's is. Fairy Mina to the rescue to show Sarah about Alzheimer's and teach her what she needs to know to help and understand her grandma better. This app helps a child understand Alzheimer's better. I personally don't know anyone with Alzheimer's but I did like sharing this story with my children. It shows them that people are different and teaches them that others can adjust and learn about what differences some may have. I feel this is important lesson for my children since they have autism and other disorders themselves. I want them to know that others can learn to accept them and be there friend. This story may not have been meant for this but I was able to use it to fit to my family. It also taught them about something they didn't know about. Books are a wonderful teaching tool for children and I have found when put on an iPad it becomes almost magical for them. I really hope to see more stories like this about different things to help children understand things they may have a hard time understanding :). I would highly highly recommend this :)


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