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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Crazy Hair Studio


Crazy Hair Studio by Portegno Apps is a fun let your hair down (no pun intended) kind of app. You can use it on any of your devises wither or not you have a camera. You can either take a photo on the spot or upload from your library.  When you first open up the app the screen will have several buttons. Take a picture, choose photo, unlock more features (coming soon), how to use and hairstyle editor. Decide if you will use a photo from your library or take a picture. Once you choose a picture it will give you the option to resize or move your photo. Do not worry if you cannot get your picture to line up just right. You can fix that later. Next is choosing a hairstyle. Again it will give you options with pictures so the nonreaders will understand. Your choices here will be male, female, web gallery or famous. Pick a hairstyle and you are ready to go. Next it places the style you chose onto the picture you chose. Remember how I told you if it does not match don’t worry. You get to adjust the hair to your picture. Simply touch the screen and scale your hair to match your picture.  This is great for fine motor skills. Now you are ready to style that beautiful hair of yours. You can brush, cut, color, curl, buzz, or grow your hair out. Just in case you are sitting there thinking this all sounds complicated they have made it simple for you by adding little pop up boxes. What these boxes do is offer simple instructions on how to use each feature of the app. Hours of fun just waiting to be had. You can save your new hairstyle to your library or post it to Facebook. I have already tortured one of my siblings with a new style. I have also recommended the app to a friend who instantly gave her cat a new doo. Something I would never have thought of doing. For the parents out there with a child like mine who due to sensory issue do not like to get haircuts this app is great for getting them used to the things that will happen in a salon setting. I look forward to many hair colors and styles in my immediate future.

My son before his make over.

My son after his makeover.


  1. Got good Hair Cut. It is really looking nice.

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