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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant


Dr. Panda’s Restaurant by. Tribe Play
Here is another cooking game for the preschooler or is it? It is not just a cooking game. In this game your child will get to Prepare and serve the food, which is assumed by the title. They will also get to do quite a bit more. They will be able to feed the customers , clean the tables decorate the dining area, wash the dishes and my personal favorite recycle the garbage. It is an interactive game where your child will get to run their own restaurant. Now the customers are not your average customers they are animals.. large animals.  There are eight animals to feed and 10 recipes to make so your child will not get bored. The recipes will allow your child the opportunity to safely participate in activities such as slicing, toasting, baking and mixing. While playing the app they will also be practicing fine motor skills. The will also get to plan the sequence of events. I think this app is perfect for early child hood learning. It also will help prepare them a little for chores around your house hold. There is no reading involved so your child will be able to enjoy this app on his or her own. My son is 4 years old and is enjoying running his own restaurant.  The animations and sounds are fun and seem to work wonderfully even on our I pad first generation. Not sure Dr. Pandas is for your child there is free versions of each of their games as well. 


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