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Monday, October 29, 2012

WH Questions Cards- Pro

WH Questions Cards- Pro by Super Duper Publications is a wonderful WH app. I was immediately amazed by this app when I first tried it out with myself. Options, options, options that was my first thought when working with it. With the pro version you will receive all the WH questions such as who, what, when, where, and why. There is different games and activities also for each of these. If you have ever explored the different items Super Duper has to offer you would have seen their Super Duper Secret Decoder, their cards, and more these are all included in this app. The different games/activities are: Super Duper Secret Decoder, Multiple choice, Matching, and Drag 'n Match. Each of these different games/activities are explained on itunes in their description very well. There is 280 picture cards total. You can manually or automatically track scores with this app. There has already been many updates and fixes to this app to make it even better then when it first came out so you have less fear of this app having problems then ever. I love the road Super Duper is taking with these newer set of apps. The option of in-app or pro versions are great if you only need part of the app or the full version for your family or school. As I said before the options are amazing and the graphics are great throughout the app. This app is a lot of fun and my children have loved using it. With the different activities they can change it up or use a different one if one has gotten to easy for them. There is defiantly enough room for this app to grow with your child as time goes on. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)    (free version also available with in-app purchases)


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