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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Calming Effects weighted lap pads

Calming Effects weighted lap pads: Some of you may have heard of them and other may not have. These weighted lap pads are made by our own Tammy Hadley :). Calming Effects has reopened for the holiday season for a few of these wonderful treasures. Each of these weighted lap pads are homemade with lots of love and care. These lap pads are not like some other that use polly pellets inside for the weight. She uses a much better product that feels heavier then the polly pellets by far!. I have three blankets and three lap pads from Calming Effects myself and love them. I have had to wash my youngest blanket many times and it has held up to all the wear and tear a washing machine can bring. One must remember with any homemade product they probably aren't meant to be washed continuously but his blanket had no choice and had to go in but it's survived. The lap pads work wonders while the kids are watching tv, doing homework, or even bed time. My children have had other weighted blankets in the past made of the polly pellets I mentioned above and they hated them. They thought they were just like a normal blanket, couldn't feel the weight on themselves, and it was just really big and bulky because of all the stuffing that had to be placed inside and with the Calming Effects ones it was just the opposite. I had never owned a lap pad before this but they are similar to a blanket only smaller. If you want a strong, sturdy, made with love lap pad just in time for the Holiday season then I suggest you check out Calming Effects. The women who runs it is a wonderful lady and will help give you what you need for a low price but wonderful lap pad fast :).


 Lap Pads:

 Blankets (Example's only of past product currently only taking orders on lap pads)
These are my boys blankets :)

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