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Sunday, October 21, 2012

DC Super Friends: Haunted Heroes

DC Super Friends: Haunted Heroes by ScrollMotion with partnership with Night & Day Studios:
This book app is out just in time for the Halloween season. Come follow your favorite super heroes on a haunted journey. This book app offers word highlighting, read along, record your own voice, and auto play. You can personalize the app with the camera to be able to take a pic with your DC friends. While playing with the app you can earn super friends points to receive cool rewards. The pages are interactive and fun. There is also coloring, puzzles, stickers, and sounds in the app. I have not updated my ipad yet to the newest IOS so I'm not sure if this is happening to everyone but when you try to add the picture at the beginning of the story it has been kicking me out of the app. Once again this could just be because I haven't updated yet. Everything else seems to be working great and this is an excellent story for your super hero loving children. My 7yr old son just loves super heroes and he has played this app over and over again since we got it. Please make sure to check this app out along with other ScrollMotion and Night & Day Studio apps :) Highly highly highly recommended :)


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