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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nearly There

Nearly There by FirstyWork is a wonderful story based on two horses, Budley and Bishop. The two horses go on a wonderful journey with some unique friends that they meet along the way in this story. The pictures in this story are very different from other stories I have read but I really liked them. The story is very interactive as you can press what each of the animals are saying along the way in the story. I would have liked to have seen an auto read choice for the main story but even without it it's ok as all you need to do is tap the words at the top and it will read it aloud. The map of the animals journey is really neat and one of my kids favorite parts as they could see where the animals had to go on their journey. There is also a coloring section with 5 different images for your children to color on their own. The song the book has is also in a selection of it's own so you can listen to the song when you want without reading the story too. There is a section to choose where you can see real pictures of Budley and Bishop along with the other animals cared for by Johanna and Gabrielle. The story does have some parts in that could make a parent nervous such as the death of one of the animals. This part is done very nicely but some parents may not want to discuss that yet so I just want everyone to be aware it's in there. I always would recommend running through any story yourself before listening to it with your child just in case. In all I really enjoyed this story and so did my children. They love horses and all the other animals in the story. I would highly highly highly recommend this fun story about some very unique friends :)


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