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Monday, June 4, 2012

Enable Training and Consulting, Inc. apps

Enable Training and Consulting, Inc. apps:

Robot Guide: This app teaches your child all about robots. This app is made ages 7 to 10 but can also be used with younger children. This app has a lot of info about how robots work and there history. The illustrations are wonderfully done and the book is fully-narrated. There is activities within to hold your child's attention even more and to learn more about robots. This book has a lot of info to provide for your child as well as ideas to further the app outside of the the app itself. This app is highly detailed and fun to use. I would highly highly suggest this app :)

ThinkAboutIt 1: This book is wonderful for the child that likes to ask "Why?". This app is made for 7 to 10yr olds but works well for younger ages as well. This book is all about philosophy and answers a lot of "Why" questions within the app. This app includes activities within the app as well as for outside of the app. There is interactive maps and time lines and a lot of very cool facts. This book is also fully-narrated. There is more books to this series of ThinkAboutIt. Right now there is 4 of them to choose from with all different and new topics for each of them. If your child is a "why?" kid or if you want to get your child thinking I would highly highly suggest these apps :)


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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! We're always delighted to hear that our materials are helpful in the classroom, and at home.
    Amy Leask, author