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Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Duper Publications apps

Listening for Absurdities: This app comes with 54 cards plus audio. This app works on listening skills, reasoning, and problem solving. When your child touches the screen a prompt will be said aloud for your child and then they can give a verbal response to the prompt. Once your child gives a response you choose if it's correct or incorrect. This is a fun app that my children really enjoy using. The app has some really funny pictures and sayings that my children really though were quite funny. This app helped my children tell me what is wrong in the picture such as a boy dressed in a football uniform catching a basketball. This app can be used many different ways since you are in control of which is correct or incorrect. You can have your child give just yes or no answers, ask what is wrong in the picture, what should be said instead, and much more. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

What Doesn't Belong? Fun Deck: This app comes with 54 cards plus audio. With this app your child chooses what does not belong in the group of pictures given. You can choose what cards you want your child to work with in the app or select all cards. Some examples of pictures are: a pencil, a crayon, and a butterfly and an astronaut, a planet, a rocket ship, and a stuffed bear. With this app you must choose if the answer is correct or incorrect. Since this app does not have automatic scoring you can have your child answer questions beyond just what does not belong such as what category do the two other object belong in?, Where do you use those objects?, and much more. I would have liked to see automatic scoring included in this app as an option but it is still a wonderful app without it. It has many possibilities beyond just the "What doesn't belong?" so I still would highly highly highly recommend this app :)



  1. Mandy,

    We will have an update your way coming soon that will include the automatic scoring feature! :)

    Ashley Lesley
    Marketing Specialist @ Super Duper Publications

    1. Awesome :) That's super :)