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Monday, June 11, 2012

My Word! Reader- Are Squirrels Smart, or What?

My Word! Reader- Are Squirrels Smart, or What? by Wrinkled Pants Software Ltd is a wonderful reading app. This app includes so much such as phonics, word analysis, writing skills, comprehension, and more. There is soo much to do in this app beyond reading that I was very surprised and happy with all the activities. If your child doesn't know a word they can add it to the basket to learn later in the app. This app will have certain words highlighted to learn what the word is in picture form. When your child presses any word in the app it automatically goes to the Nut Basket to learn the what the word is out loud. When you are in the app you will have a choice of Nut Basket or activities. This app includes six activities that expand on the learning of the app. With this one the activities are: rhyming words, long vowel sounds, short vowel sounds, word recognition, word recognition and definitions, and word review. Each of these activities will build on the meaning of the words and recognizing many different words. To properly use this app your child must be able to read at least a short book as it is not read aloud since it is meant to build on reading skills. Not all the words are simple but that is where the Nut Basket and the activities help build on learning these words. My daughter has started working with the app some with help from me since she's only at the beginning stages of learning to read more then a level 1 book. Some of the items in the app will have a "speak" button to have the words read aloud but that's more for directions and the Nut Basket. Your child can press each word in the app to have it read to them but then all the words would be in the Nut Basket for review. Personally I feel in love with this app and would defiantly highly highly highly recommend this app. I hope in the future they consider making an early reader addition in their app series :)


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