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Monday, June 25, 2012

Marble Math Junior

Marble Math Junior by Artgig Studio: This app puts a new and fun twist to math. My daughter really seems to enjoy working on her math skills with this app. This app works on shapes, matching, sequencing numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplication, fractions, coins, time, and more. This app is wonderful for kindergarten to around third grade (they age it for ages 5-8). There is another app in this series for older children once they age out of this app as well. There is three levels of difficulty in this app to help better suit this app to your child. There is also 16 different marble styles to choose from as well. In the option screen you get your marble choices, how to move the marble (roll or drag), music and sfx off/on, and obstacles and bonuses off/on. There is also a customize screen that has the choices of what to include in each level of play. The customize screen makes this a wonderful app for special needs children since you can choose what they are going to work on. I haven't used this app with my boys yet but I have a feeling they will really enjoy it once I customize it for their needs. With all the wonderful options, the unique game play, and all the choices of math skills I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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