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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Touch and Write

Touch and Write by FizzBrain is a wonderful app for teaching writing in a fun way. Your child will be able to use many different items while learning to write such as finger paint, shaving cream, and more. In total there is 16 different types of textures to write with. There is also 28 different writing surfaces such as food paper, regular paper, and  more. Parents and teachers can create a word list for their child to work on. As your child writes the actual letter will show so your child can learn to improve their writing. With this app comes single letters, high frequency word list,and alphabet word list. This app is fun to use and teaches a lot to children using many different textures without the mess. My children are all working on writing their letters correctly and this app helps with that along with learning to write words. I enjoyed playing around with this app even before my children got their hands on it. I loved trying out each of the different textures and thought it brought a lot of fun to learning. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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