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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rantek Inc. apps (Montessori Approach)

Rantek Inc. apps (Montessori Approach) offer many different types of apps for learning with a montessori approach. There apps teach in a unique way of learning. Their apps offer learning for children from early childhood to the upper grades. The pictures they use are realist and the voices are wonderful. I'm going to write today about eight different apps of theirs for all different age levels and different skills :)

Montessori Approach To Geography HD- Continents: This app teaches about the continents and the different oceans. There is 4 different lessons in this app. Lesson one teaches the names and locations of the Continents and the Oceans. Lesson two through four teach using puzzle format. The first puzzle map your child must look for the correct piece of the puzzle using cues of a blinking spot on the map. When your child touches the piece it will move to the spot and the name of the continent will be said aloud. The second puzzle shows the word (the child can touch the title if they can not read and it will be spoken) and then they must touch the correct piece. The last puzzle has both continents and oceans that need to be touched according to the name at the top. The puzzle has been randomized so your child can not just memorize the correct spots for each puzzle. This app is wonderful young children and older children needing to learn the continents along with oceans. It's very easy to use and a great set up. I would highly highly recommend this app :)

Montessori Approach to Geography HD- Animals of North America: This app helps teach the different animals in North America. This app uses real pictures to teach the different animals and their locations on the map. There is three levels of play with this app. Lesson one includes the facts about the animals. This level contains a lot of info and will need to be replayed over and over again. This level is a lot of fun to read about the animals and is a must to do the other three levels. Level two children must look for the animal that goes to the name shown at the top. When your child touch the correct animal card it will go on the map. The last level your child will have to find the animal that belongs to only that habitat. This app is fun for young and older children. My children enjoyed level one a lot as they really like looking at animals and learning about them. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Montessori Approach to Zoology- The Animal Kingdom (Verebrates) HD: This app teaches about birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and reptiles. This app includes three levels of play. Lesson one is about the animals. You learn what the animals are and where they fit in the animal kingdom. Lesson 2 is a match puzzle where you match up the animals. Lesson 3 is sorting where you get to sort the animals out where they fit. Each lesson includes a lot of info in them and teach our children about the animal kingdom. The pictures are real and include a lot of animals from each catagory. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Montessori Pre-Language Exercises HD- Rhymes: This app teaches beginning rhyming. There is 40 rhyming sets included. The app shows the word form and will show pictures when the button is pushed. There is a sound button to push to hear the word aloud also. This is a wonderful app to help build on early rhyming. It's like flashcards but better :). I would highly highly recommend this app :)

A Montessori Approach to Math- Hundred Board: This app build on math skills using a hundred board. The numbers will be randomized on the side and then your child must push the correct number in sequence. You can pick sequence with control or sequence. With control would be for a child struggling with this skill that needs a little extra help putting the numbers in order. You can also choose a simplified version for either that will only show so many numbers at once to make it a little easier to see the numbers to get them in order. There is also a button for learning odd or even numbers. This is a wonderful app to help children learn counting and odd and even numbers. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Next two apps are very similar so I'm going to put them togeather. :)

A Montessori Sensorial Exercise- Pink Tower and A Montessori Sensorial Exercise- Brown Stair and Pink Tower: Both these apps are wonderful for teaching visual discrimination. Your child must follow the directions of what to not only start with but also pick out the sizes in order. Each of these apps have multiple levels of play and get harder and harder as the move on to different puzzles. The pink tower one offers only size but the brown and pink one offer size and color. I would love love love if these apps let your child place the blocks and not just have to touch them. It's the only downfall I can find with these two apps as I think they are perfect to help children with size compairisons. I would highly highly recommend :)

A Montessori Sensorial Exercise- Geometric Cabinet: This app teachs shapes and size discrimination. The app will prompt the child to put a certain piece back in the tray one by one. This is wonderful for listening skills as well as shapes and sizes. I once again would love if the child could actully move the pieces not just have to touch them. This app is wonderfuly done with little to side track your child from the task at hand. I would highly highly recommend :)


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