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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MyTalkTools Mobile

MyTalkTools Mobile by 2nd Half Enterprises LLC is a wonderful aac app to help individuals communicate. The app comes with images as well as the ability to add your own. The app is very easy to navigate and uses a very clear voice in over 15 different languages. This app is very easy to customize to fit your child's needs. There is in-app purchase available to add Acapela Voices but is not needed to run the app. If you chose to use Workspace you will need Wi-Fi or 3G but you can use this app with anytime with out it. With this app you will receive online access to Symbolstix image library for a large selection of pictures. With the app also you will receive a free 30 day trial of Workspace which includes many different options to really add onto this app. The pictures are realistic and this app will also communicate in full sentences if you would like as well. Highly highly recommended app :)

Free trial available to try out to see if this app will work for your family :)


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