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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Virtual Speech Center Inc.

Virtual Speech Center Inc. brings you many different types of speech apps to help your your child grow and learn. Each of their speech apps have a different purpose and make learning speech fun and enjoyable for your child. I am going to tell you about their five most recent app additions today. The five apps are: Verbs News, Articulation Games, Farm Academy, Sentence Workout, and WH-Questions Island.

Verbs News: This app is a wonderful addition to speech apps everywhere. This app includes 190 regular and irregular verbs with real-life pictures. You are welcomed by Andrew a newsroom anchor who has 4 movies to show you about verbs. Your child can at the end of the session play the anchor and record their own news and then watch it in the newsroom. This video can not be saved due to HIPPA rules but is a wonderful addition to the app. My children really loved this little extra :). There is three ways to practice verbs in the app: auditory bombardment, fill-in, and make-up sentences. There is a recording feature in the app so your child can listen to themselves back. You can enter many students in the app which makes it wonderful for classroom use as well as home. You can email the results at the end of the game as well to share to who you need to. There is many options in the app where you can choose the verbs you wish to work on or if you would like to only work on regular or irregular verbs. This app has been a wonderful addition in our home for working on verbs. I would highly highly highly recommend this app for learning verbs :)


Articulation Games: This app brings lots of fun to speech-therapy. The app includes thousands of real-life flashcards. The audio in this app is done very well. There is four different ways to play: flashcards, memory games, sweet spinner, and artic wheel. All these games include many different phonemes. If you look on their itunes link provided below you will be able to see all included in this app. You can enter many students in this app and have the ability to email at the end of the game as well. I really like how you can choose more then one phonemes to work on along with choosing: word, phrases, or sentence and initial, medial, or final. Each of the items has where you can record your child saying the word so they can hear themselves back. This option allows your child to hear what they may have said wrong. It not only has where your child can hear themselves but also a speaker that can say the word to them as well. I love using this app with my boys. It seems to keep them interested since it's in game format and they do not have to be able to read to know what the words are. You do have to be there to score this app since they are to say the words aloud but having someone else say the words is nice since they articulate the words very very well on the app. I would highly highly highly recommend this app for help with artic :)


Farm Academy: This app is for the younger crowd but is still a lot of fun. It targets both receptive and expressive language. Your children will learn 16 farm animals, fruit and veggies, numbers 1-5, and the difference of big and small. There is 8 different activities in two modes of play. Learning mode: learn animals, learn food, learn sizes, and learn counting. Play mode: find animals, feed animals, sizes, and counting. This app is so cute and friendly. It is teaching basic skills in a fun way. My kids loved to look at all the different animals in the app. This app is more cartoonish then some of their other apps but that makes it perfect for toddlers since it will hold their interest longer then real-life pictures would at the age. The voice is done very well in the app. My favorite activity had to be the find animals game. This task is still difficult for my kids since it involves following directions. I would highly highly highly recommend this app for children needing help with these basic skills or toddler to preK :)


Sentence Workout: This app sure appealed to my kids right away. First off it's sports related and then it's soccer! This app helps your child say and build sentences. The first activity is say sentences where your child practices sentence by answering questions orally. Your child can record their sentence so they can hear it back and compare it to the native productions. With "build your sentence" your child practices written sentence by dragging and dropping the words to make a complete sentence. Once they have dragged and dropped they then can play their sentences back so they can make corrections as needed. The app includes over 350 sentences with 37 different sentence structures. You can make changes to the settings as needed to auto-score, disable/enable soccer game, and many more things within the app. My children really love the soccer game reward for working on the app. I found it to be a wonderful reward for them. You do need to remind your child when working with the app not to just say the word when it asks: What is this? and then score correctly based on if they said the sentence vs. the word. You can choose many different types of sentence structures in this app so make sure you check the top to show your child and give them an example first of how they should be saying the sentence. I would like to see an example at the start of each "say it" sessions as I think it would be really helpful for the child to know what they are to be doing first. I would still highly highly highly recommend this fun and enjoyable app :)


WH-Questions Island: This has to be my most favorite of them all from Virtual Speech Center Inc.. I love any app having to do with WH-Questions and this one is done very well. For starters they did a pirate theme which is a wonderful idea since a lot of children love pirates plus they are really cute even for adults ;). This is set in board game fashion and offers rewards for practicing wh-questions along the way. There is two types of activities: flashcard and board game. The app works on both receptive and expression language. There is 480 different questions within the app: 80 What, 80 When, 80 Where, 80 Why, 80 Who, and 80 How questions. I love the little board game pieces you get to choose from in the app. My daughters fav is the pink and purple girls of course. My boys are undecided which are their favs yet lol. The pictures are very realistic and the voice is once again done very well. I did discover a small glitch in the app I will be reporting them in this app but I'm sure it will be fixed immediately :). This app is amazing and my kids are enjoying it a lot. I would really highly highly highly recommend this app :)



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