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Saturday, December 15, 2012


ConversationBuilderTeen by Mobile Education Store is a wonderful app for teens to learn more about how to have a conversation with their peers. Some children have problems communicating  with their peers in social settings. They may have problems with understanding sarcasm, bullying, ect. This app helps show them how to have an appropriate conversation. They will learn when it's appropriate to introduce themselves, ask questions, change subjects, ect. They will also learn to recognize sarcasm and how to respond. There is eight themes included in this app: school, relationship, sports, entertainment, bullying, sarcasm, clothes, and summer. There is over 300 conversations included and also includes the ability to work in a group setting or a one-on-one setting as well. You can archive and email conversations as needed. There is parental controls as well as a video tutorial included in the app to adjust this app to your needs. The pictures are very realistic and the settings are age appropriate and the spoken part of the app is clear and easy to understand. The app gives you three choices on how to respond to the comment made. Each of the three choices can be read aloud to the user so no reading is required. After the user makes a selection they tell you if it was a good choice and then has the user record their answer. I love how the conversation keeps going after you make one choice. It doesn't go on to a different topic. The first one I found on the app was a girl running. You had to respond to the girls comment. There is a back and forth type of conversation going on. First they make a comment then you and then her, then you, ect..... If you get an answer wrong it will tell you why you should make a different choice and then tell you to try again. I think this app is wonderful for teens on up. You can even use it for your younger child as well with certain adjustments with the settings but there is another conversation app that may suit the younger users more. This app talks about teen issues and their type of settings with bullying, sports, ect. I would highly highly highly recommend both of the ConversationBuilder apps that Mobile Education Store offers depending on your child's needs :)


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