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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Category TherAppy

Category TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. is a wonderful app for categorizing skills. This app includes four activities and three levels. The four activities are: find, classify, add one, and exclude. The three levels are: concrete categories, subcategories, and abstract categories. There is around 700 images in 70 categories. This app is wonderful for many different ages. One big positive with Tactus Therapy is that they make their apps simple, clear, and with real images throughout. There is no distracting sights or sounds that don't completely go with the direct images at hand. They even have a child-friendly mode that can be used for working with children at home, schools, and therapy. The accent of the person used in the app can be very easily understood. There is a free version of this app to try to make sure this will fit your family/school/therapy. I have loved all their apps as they work wonders on my children. With no distractions they can focus at the task at hand and have learned a lot while using them. Please try out the free versions of each of their apps to see if they will work for you. I highly highly highly recommend :)

From their website:

3 Types of Categories:

  • EASY: Concrete Categories (animals, foods, clothing, etc.)

  • MEDIUM: Subcategories (birds, fruit, footwear, etc.)

  • HARD: Abstract Categories (metal things, cold things, flying things, etc.)

  • YOU control which categories to target within each level!

  • FIND:

    • Touch the item that belongs to the target category

    • Nearly 700 full-color images – no drawings or animations

    • Each word can be heard by touching the printed word or speaker

    • Single touch is the only gesture required, perfect for those with limited motor skills

    • Results are Automatic:

      • Scoring is automated in the app with on-screen tracking of success and progress

      • E-mail results in report-ready format

      • Set a default e-mail address so clients can send results directly to the SLP during home practice



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