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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Synapse Apps, LLC (Pocket SLP)

Synapse Apps, LLC or otherwise known as Pocket SLP make some amazing apps for speech and language. Today I'm going to talk about a few of their different apps I use in my home with my three children :)

Category Carousel: This app helps build your child's vocabulary in a fun way. Your child will choose a category (or multiple categories) and then sort them into different categories. Your child first touches the picture and then gets to hear the word said aloud before moving them into the correct category. They then can spilt it into sub-categories. There is nine different categories and subcategories in this app. Some of them are: animals, clothing, occupations, winter, and much more. The spoken part of the app is very clear with a real humans voice so your child can easily understand the speaker. I found the app a little confusing at first but once I figured out how to use it it became no problem. First you select a category (or categories) then you pick some items on the next board and drag them to the item at the top where they fit into (you must drag them onto the item not next to it), then you sort them into the subcategories above by dragging them into the correct subcategory. The app is simple to use once you get the hang of it and it is very useful in helping your child learn these skills I would highly highly recommend this app :)

One Step Two Step: This app helps your child learn step directions. There is 23 different scenes and almost 500 different directions included in this app. There is a simple "game" to help with following and giving directions as well. The "Pro" version allows adding names, multiple children at one time, and recording and exporting data. There is two levels of difficulty (caterpillar and butterfly) in each of the scenes included. There is a tutorial included on the main screen of the app in case you need some help with how to use this app. You must work directly with your child while using this app. There questions are asked aloud by pressing on the direction button but you must choose which question # to be asked and also press correct or incorrect for your child. The app is pretty neat as it's kinda like a giant seek and find app with a purpose of learning. My children really seemed to enjoy this. When you enter the scenes you get a page that looks like a coloring page. Your child then must follow the directions such as find the birds on the house and color them blue. Depending on how far you go on the directions you could have almost an entire page colored by the time you are done :). I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Describe It (SLP): This app helps improve describing skills. This app was designed by a certified speech and language pathologists and was done so in a fun and exciting way for children to learn describing skills. There is two games to help learning: Pass It and Guess It. Pass It is a came like "Catch Phrase" where the users go into two groups to describe the pictured item. The users describe the item while your other teammate guesses. Once your teammate guesses you pass the ipad on to the next team until the timer runs out. Guess It is where they get to touch the clues to guess what's behind the card. There is also a study section where you can learn about the different items such as what it taste likes, feels like, smells like, ect. There is a tutorial also included in this app to help you if you need help with using the app. This is a really fun app especially to use in a group setting. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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