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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Autism Day

My Autism Day by Little App Helpers is a wonderful app to help track your child's behaviors, progress, therapy and more. This app has all your tracking needs for a child with autism all in one easy to use app. This app has: a daily log, activities, goals, health, caregivers, and charts. The daily log helps you keep track of notes for behaviors, eye contact, behaviors and more. The activities helps you log all activities and play throughout the day. The goals are any type of goal you may have set for your child. Health helps you track if your child's prescriptions and supplements. The caregivers area helps you keep track of visits and appointments and any notes you may have from them or their visit. The charts area takes all your info about goals, health, ect and makes them into an easy to read chart. I really like the layout of this app and it's ease of use. This app is an all in one app for keeping track of things you may need to bring to the doctors office. This app does track more then one child which is really helpful for a family like my own. I do wish it had some preloaded info in it for medications and therapy's but in a way it's good that it doesn't so you can be more exact for your child. The app comes with a lot of info right in it on how to use their app and certain things you should track. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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