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Monday, July 16, 2012

Articulation Station Pro

Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech is a fantastic app for teaching articulation. There is over 1,000 target words, tips for each sound, matching and flashcard activities, 1,300 unique sentences, and more. The different activities included are: Flashcard activities, Matching game, rotating sentences, unique sentences, level 1 stories, and level 2 stories. With each sound practiced you can choose initial, medial, and final sound. This app will keep track of your child's score within the app when you choose correct or incorrect. The app will read aloud to your child in a very clear voice. You also have the option of recording your child when working with this app. The app will track multiple children which makes it perfect for families with multiple children or in a classroom setting/therapy setting. When you save your child's score they will be saved in the app and you can email the results easily within the app.You can choose up to 6 names to track and record at a time which I'm sure therapist will love this option. The settings include: scoring buttons, scoring sounds, voice audio, and set passing at 90%. The pictures in the app are very clear and makes this app very easy for special needs children to know what the picture is. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

There is also a free version of this app to try the app out. You can purchase sounds separately as needed with the free version :)


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