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Monday, July 30, 2012


Look what's coming soon :). The AppyMall!!!. This will redesign how parents and teachers will search for apps. The AppyMall is produced by Siva over at Technology in Education on Facebook. Siva has been working hard with many different people from the app industry along with parents and educators to make an easy fun way to shop the app store for children apps. The AppyMall is designed to make shopping for apps much easier by offering many different types of categories surrounding children's apps. The apps will be sectioned off by type such as speech and language, age, grade range, and more. The AppyMall is for typical developing children and special needs. Need a math app it will soon be easy to find in the AppyMall quickly and easily. Need a reading app same thing and the list goes on. This site will be always changing as new apps come in and prices change. The AppyMall will also show you sale apps so if your looking for some good deals this will be the place to go first. I really love the part that if you don't know how to spell a word you can type it in the AppyMall and it will still come up unlike the actual app store where you need to know the exact spelling and name of the app for it to come up. The AppyMall is also going to offer the ability to click:
"I like it", "I own it", and "I want it" so you can keep track of apps quickly and easily that you may have or want. When you click "I want it" the store will notify you of a sale on that app so you always know when an app you want has a price drop. The five main anchor stores that the store will first open with are: Preschool AppyStore, Elementary School AppyStore, Middle School AppyStore, Speech and Language AppyStore and Special Needs AppyStore. Theses stores are just the beginning and there is many different apps and categories within each of the anchor stores. Personally I can't wait for the AppyStore to open in August. I think this will redesign your app shopping experience 110%!!!! :)


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