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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tub Stick-Ups- Letter Catch

Tub Stick-Ups- Letter Catch by Discovery Toys is a fun fishing game for young children. This toy is meant for the bathtub but has many additional uses as well. The letters come in an alphabet board that we use for practicing writing letters. We also use the board for fine motor skills with sticking the letters back in the board. The fishing game itself comes with four fishing poles, the letters (upper and lower case) for a total of 96 letters, and 8 bait disks (4 small and 4 big). The bait disks can be changed out as needed to either big or small by just pulling out the foam string that comes with for the fishing poles. If one of the foam strings breaks you can either have a shorter fishing string or it does come with extras as well. They are easy to place in the disks by just pushing them in with your thumb a little at a time. My kids just love this fishing game. The foam letters stick easily to the bait disks or even the walls of the bathtub and walls themselves. We have played many different games with them while in the tub. I've even used the extra fishing baits as little pucks by flicking them off the tub at the wall for extra fine motor activities. The letters can be used many different ways themselves as they wash off easily too. You can use them for painting activities, tracing, fishing, spelling activities, ect. I would highly highly highly recommend this item and make sure to get them from Shantas Discovery Toys Page who is a very friendly and caring person. :)


 from the website
from my own bathtub :)

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