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Thursday, April 11, 2013

iLS Pillow Insert

iLS Pillow Insert by Intergrated Listening Systems (iLS) has been wonderful for my home. We have been using it now for a while and it is defiantly helping out with sleep in my home. My children have been alternating with the pillow each night and I can say for sure whoever has the pillow that night gets a wonderful nights sleep and wake up more regulated then without the pillow. My son who was in the last review about the iLS system has since ended O.T. for now but is continuing with the pillow and it has been helping some during the day as well. When he needs a break and seems out of sorts I now have him lay on the pillow to try to get him back on track. My other son is now in O.T. and using the Total Focus program there once a week like my other son was along with the pillow insert on his days and I believe it is starting to work on him as well. He's a little tougher of a case sensory wise so it's taking a bit longer lol. He loves the pillow but isn't a big fan of the headphones yet ;). The pillow insert is easy to use. You place it inside a pillow case with your child's regular pillow or alone depending on how they like it. The music player (Sony mp3) is placed in a zipper pocket on the side. There is prerecorded music on there with different selections and will play for a set amount of time before turning itself off. There is bone conduction inside the pillow insert which makes this insert unique to any other music pillow device I have seen on the market. The insert can help children with Autism, SPD, ADHD, ect that need help with sleep issues, regulating their bodies, and more. The insert is what I would suggest to start with if your child is having a hard time with headphones. The insert helps them get used to the bone conduction first and calm them before introducing the headphones on them. The more we use the pillow at home the more my youngest gets adjusted to using the headphones at therapy from what I can tell. I like the pillow insert better then the pillow (which I had the opportunity to try from my O.T.) since they are able to use their own pillow underneath the insert.
Here's the music programs included straight from their website:
Music Programs: iLs Pillow music is selected based on harmonic content, gentle rhythmic structure and soothing melodic contours, and modified via proprietary techniques developed by iLs. All programs stop automatically after 2 hours.
  • Classical: relaxing, andante (slow tempo) classical pieces popular with all ages
  • Classical Mix: andante classical pieces interwoven with female Gregorian Chant; ideal as preparation for an iLs clinical program (as the music is similar), or for relaxing and drifting off to sleep
  • Relaxation 1: calming ambient music; less engaging than classical music; popular with all ages
  • Relaxation 2: harmonic overtones which bring about a calming response, ideal for reducing stress and combining with relaxation techniques
  • Relaxation 3: beautiful female and male Gregorian Chant recordings; excellent for stress reduction, sleep or just quiet listening 
iLs also offers a 30 trial period so you can make sure this system will work for your home. For more info go to their website. (link posted below)


 High scores on both graphs indicate difficulty, low scores indicate improved sleep and behavior.
 Clinical Testing: All participants showed a decrease in sleep problems (Graph A) and improvement with daytime behaviors (Graph B: physical, emotional, social and school functioning).
(to learn more about this clinical testing please see iLs website)

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