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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool- Learning. Reimagined.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure Preschool- Learning. Reimagined. by Best Boy Entertainment is a bright colorful interactive way of learning preschool math. There is six adventures within the app for your preschooler to play and learn with. Each adventure is filled with learning and interactive fun throughout. No reading is needed within the app which makes this app great for preschoolers and special needs. There is stickers your child can earn to create a very cool scene at the end of each adventure which helps your child strive to go on with the app. There is no access to social media or internet within the app or in-app purchases. There is many things to learn such at numbers 1-20, short/tall, colors, ect. The app is done in 3-D style so it is very bright and colorful and really holds your child's attention all through the app. I used this app with my youngest and he really seemed to enjoy playing with it. Not much holds his attention but he really liked the characters along with all the interactive parts so he stayed fairly interested in it. My middle son even wanted to play after he seen everything in it. Your child will hardly notice that they are learning while playing with all the fun things to do. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Free version also available:

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